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Manitou Equine Rescue and PMU Foal Placement
Costs and procedures


Costs and procedures
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Light Fillies Available
Draft X Fillies Available
Light Colts Available
Draft X Colts Available
2003 Registered Fillies Available
2003 Registered Colts Available
2003 Fillies Pending Adoption or Placed
2003 Colts Pending Adoption or Placed

Below is the costs for the foals that we have available. All prices are US dollars and include a Coggins test, International Health Certificate and Holding fee while waiting for results.

Shipping to Ohio, Michigan, California,
and anywhere in between is $300 PLUS the cost of the foal.
We do have favorable haulers that can be arranged
to pick up from the drops and deliver to your place if needed.
They were used last year and you won't find anyone better.

Hauling from the drop point to the adopters home will
be the responsibilty of the adopter.
We do have the foals dropped at the location closest to the adopter.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email or call!!

Light Grade Foals:

Draft CROSS Foals:

Registered Quarter Horse Foals:

Registered Paint Foals:

FULL Draft:







Taktani PMU Foal Placement

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